Loshadka will meet IN REAL LIFE at Capricious Gallery on MARCH 22nd 2009 / 4-8PM
more info @ LMIRL

-Rate 200 people on hot or not
-Get kicked off facebook any way you can (requesting to be kicked off doesn't count)
-ASCII self-portrait
-Create the ugliest 2MB the internet has ever seen
-A wall made outta pizza,, it would just be its own TAZ / endurance piece ..cheese dripping situation
-Or a big pizza we couuld make with tiny bagel bites on top for ppl to eat// i like the communal aspects of f00d
-A basketball or soccer game.. we could be one team and people who come to see would be the other and we could go nuts with the goal posts/ball
-Play 4 games of 4 person othello
-Get all 3 sacred jewels on zelda 64
-Post 21 found pictures to http://www.lookadis.info
-Make 17 kaleidoscopes
-Make 13 hexaflexagons
-Eat 6 spicy hexagons
-Eat 6 bowls of crispy hexagons
-Choose 14 of the bigwords to make the casio-1 vowelbum
-Have 3 wardrobe changes
-Practice headbanging
-Make a papier-mache bust of max from a goofy movie (as powerline)
-Shotgun a beer in a corner somewhere
-Make 4 loldoggies
-Walk it out contest
-Make a mohawk hat
-Take 10 sneaky pictures of people in the gallery
-Burn the remaining superhero comics i own
-Make 5 videos of the back of my head and upload them to youtube
- Max out rapidshare, mediafire, sharebee, and megaupload download/upload limit
- Hot or Not (could pick anything: a website/food/books/music/youtubes)
- Make an amazon wishlist for Jessica Fletcher LIL WAYNE [[https://www.amazon.com/wishlist/15MELCW7F0JQE ]]
- Live loshadka remix of T2
- I'd love some Sims Karaoke, to get petra involved, better yet, a stickcam singalong with the whole gang
- Create an applespeak kraftwerk album. cut, paste, and applespeak lyrics.
- Create a beeramid for the audience to drink, with a prize pizza in the center of the tomb
- Stage a play over stickcam
- Spring cleaning - go through each others trashed files
- Walk it out (or any other dance) dance competition (we could do this at either Light Industries or Capricious). The dance competition could go anywhere too. Like it could be a kind of fashion show, where we all show up as different characters, with different dances.
- Watch all the science fiction movies on netflix online, watch films until they get boring, move to the next film. Could work for youtube as well.
- create the ultimate loshadka hangout room in cyworld WHAT BUGJAIL LOOKS LIKE: http://us.cyworld.com/loshadkas_bugjail
- get someone at the gallery to give you $$$ to buy acorns in cyworld NEED MORE ACORNS ONLY 5 LEFT
- our cyworld individual profiles:

- we need to do something with sims online karaoke because its DEAD AND GONE april 1, 2009!!!!! farewell tribute????
- custom blingee portraits
- take a pic of someone at the gallery and then soem us fancy it up on blingee and then print it out on an inkjet printer and givbe it to them
-and also create an online gallery or something. or post it on loshadk a haha
-make big skyscraper
-make a controversial loshadka favicon >>>>>>>