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LMIRL Miniskate Cam

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Fearless Leader

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frogger70301: get out your frustration?
Fearless Leader: exactly
Fearless Leader: be brutal
frogger70301: cool.
Fearless Leader: Before I move to the next step, are there any
Fearless Leader: Hey Merrie honey
Fearless Leader:
New Malachite.
merrie60us: Hi, oh thanks
Fearless Leader: that’s the tute, just using the different colors
Fearless Leader: black, pearl, gold, silver, copper
Fearless Leader: some sheets were pressed together and then black
added to that and pressed again
Fearless Leader: and some were stacked as the thickest setting
Fearless Leader: and then they were layered randomly
Fearless Leader: plan, we ain’t go no plan
Fearless Leader: so are we all on the same page here and do we need
to do a save log and go potty?
lindaslists: OK
Fearless Leader: LOL ok to all three?
Fearless Leader: voices here folks, are we all on the same wave
length here and shall I go on or do we need a potty break?
merrie60us: okay
Fearless Leader: ok, break here
Fearless Leader: save log
Fearless Leader: 5 minutes


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