Y2K  alien  anarchy  ass  bike  birthday cake  cat  circle  dead chicken  dead kennedys  deathstar  diving  doom  drops  ducky  egg  flag  funnel  green tree  hi  horse  ipod  jackass  kermit  keyboard  la muerte  letter  meat  medal  paddle  paint can  picture frame  pig head  punk as fuck  rabbit  shit balls  socks  square  stabbed in the face  supercomputer  sword in the stone  techno  thumbs down  thumbs up  triangle  triforce  tv  vhs  violin  weed  wizard  youtube

sexy magic on wheels

ass  bike  doom  everything  la muerte  punk as fuck  stabbed in the face  sword in the stone  triangle  weed



Murder Dream Town Super Slaves

stabbed in the face  supercomputer  sword in the stone


Wool Spirit Masks

alien  everything  hi  la muerte  stabbed in the face  supercomputer  youtube


…”Angelina Woolie”. She free stands about 5 feet tall. Her raven tresses are adult alpaca and she has green eyes. Angelina is needlefelted wool over a polyfil body wrapped on pvc pipes. She likes to show up unannounced and just hang out. She doesn’t have much to say but is a real deep thinker.

spirit energy

dead chicken  la muerte  stabbed in the face  weed

spirit energy
This ghost photo was sent by Carleen Maurer of carleen.maurer@worldnet.att.net.

Dr. Dave’s Notes:
The photo has two boys in it and a lot of spirit energy patterns around them. These spirit energy patters are orbs in motions or ectoplasmic swirling energy fields. The photo shows intense spiritual energy representing multiple ghosts/spirits/souls.

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