there it is




Its rainin alizay
Im floatin through the Holland tunnel swervin
Im diggin on the Sheeba
Pullin Sheeba she be splergin
We lurkin with the coon
Cuz we be murkin from the boogie
And shittin on the crowds
Cuz they jive fakin woody
Tre shots of life for all night you dig it
Camp-ah hotta pinata
Too big quiver get hipper
Spillin coffee inside my automo’ Aldo
Crackin satin and leather
What’s happenin bullet convincer
Cash straight outta comic..
Books catchin the flurry
Keep your eye on the Lo
Where Mr….
Cuz we comin wit hammers and drivers
With the buddahs and rugars
And shot cruisers and rovers
Diamond crooks.. takin it over
With razors and cutters
With the sugar and butters
Pimp the seasons in leathers
We live for Coolie High treasures
Check the queen bee Lady Ree diggin Grace
Check the place 3 o clock shat no we aint
Fred and Cot bring it in the paint no such thing
Blasts of dynamite sing my superfly to the..
Cleopatra in the casino with gold sugar
Dig my harlequinn
And drench you with my diner garments
From Beva to Bevro in the Montaro slidin to Dero
With bottles of Asti Spumanti to tranquilize my heaven
Count seven we gettin explicit shootin sugar to the shorties
Luchini to spare let me see you
Its losin the air
Word life

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