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  2. Sanskrit shulod not be but Tamil ought to be, or OBCs shulod be extended reservations etc. he is called a jalra of dravidians, or a coward.But they are many many ‘cowards’ among TPs. But their voices are not heard in blog world or outside too. It is the caste and religious bigots who hang together. They use the foulest language as seen here against Arul. He uses fair language, against their foul language.Give a thought to this phenomenon. What motivates TPs to hang together and think together! History? Maybe.You cant evade saying there is no such groupism among them. It is an inesacpable reality of reading and knowing the blogs. Read the blog of the commentators here: Vajra, Rajarathnam, Thirumalai Rajan, the usual attackers of Arul. All hindutva blogs. all TPs. One anonymous TP has even hyperlinked his blog here. Have you noticed? Dondu Ragavan’s blog is haven for such people.I am writing all this to you because you somewhat look like a ‘Coward’!

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